Introduction :

Before Myst III:Exile, Atrus started searching for D'ni survivors and Linking Books in the Old D'ni City and Ages. As he found them, more helped with the enormous task. You are one of these survivors. Lost from your team, you enter an old crack in a stone wall to find yourself in a ruined tunnel. However, the tunnel entrance collapses behind you as you enter, leaving you stranded and alone, with no other hope but to find an alternate way out.


"My time is short, I must act quickly.

Atrus gave us hope and imbued us with the mission of finding linking books in the old City. However, my passion blinded me. My companions warned me not to enter this dangerous place, but out of desperation and our failure to find any linking books thus far, I boldly explored this ominous chamber.

Now, I am alone. I have become separated from my team and I fear I may be the only survivor. I MUST find a linking book soon. My foolishness may have cost my team their lives, and now all hope for restoring D'ni is in danger of dying along with me.

I have no more time to write, already the ceiling is collapsing."


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