Legal Agreement :

Cyan grants you a limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-assignable and non-transferable license to expand upon our properties in the form of added story lines, characters and events for "free" internet/web distribution only under the following terms and conditions:

1. Your work (Third Party Work/TPW) is not sanctioned by Cyan. While we
do not oppose the creation of it, nowhere on your TPW shall there be any notation or credit or mention of Cyan as having participated, approved, accepted, or in any way supported your TPW.

2. Cyan will not assist in the creation of your TPW. You are responsible for researching all public information created by Cyan on Cyan's products to ensure that your TPW conforms with and does not conflict with our works.

3. Your TPW shall not sully, soil, deface, or otherwise discredit Cyan's current story lines, events, characters, or places. You may create your own events, characters, etc., however these new additions must not alter or conflict with works Cyan has already made public. Additionally, Cyan may, from time to time make public, new story lines, characters, etc., which at the time of their release by Cyan shall be considered "fact." And should your TPW contradict or conflict with Cyan's work, you are responsible and required to modify your TPW to resolve the conflict.

4. Given the potential magnitude of public additions and TPWs related to Cyan's properties, Cyan is unable to monitor and is under no obligation to monitor TPWs to Cyan's story lines, etc.

5. Your TPW shall not be for profit, barter, trade or any other form of commerce, whether directly or indirectly by you or another party from which you or other parties benefit in any form.

6. This grant of license may be revoked at any time.

7. If you do not agree with each of these terms and conditions, do not create your TPW based on Cyan's products.

Chris Brandkamp

VP Business Affairs


(sent to e-mail at January 19, 2004)


Legal Agreement with Cyan put up at Legal page

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